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Domestic violence: when Adrien Quatennens mentioned the monitoring of handrails in the Assembly

MP Adrien Quatennens admitted slapping his wife “in a context of extreme tension and mutual aggression.” In 2019 he insisted on the need to take into account the complaints of female victims.

The file is shared again on social networks in favor of the news. In 2019, the rebel deputy Adrien Quatennens, who recognized this Sunday in a press release having slapped his wife a year ago, he challenged the government on violence against women that could lead to femicide.

In the chamber of the National Assembly, the deputy from the North criticized the Executive of that time for the lack of consideration of the complaints of violence, which, according to him, would have allowed these tragedies to be avoided.

“How many cases could we have prevented?”

Then he recalled the current count of femicides by spouse or ex-spouse for the year 2019: “117, is the terrible count that the rapporteur recalled at the beginning of our work… 118 they even tell me. 118 who since the beginning of 2019 have been murdered by their spouse or (…) ex-spouse.”

“The question that I am asking myself at this time, and that the national representation is also asking, is: how many of these cases could we have avoided?” he asked.

“Among these 118 women, a significant proportion had filed a complaint, had filed handrails,” continued Adrien Quatennens. “There is, therefore, among these 118 femicides, a significant number of cases that were foreseeable and that were not avoided.”

They open an investigation after the handrail filed by his wife

If Adrien Quatennens is not the subject of a complaint here, his wife – with whom he is in divorce proceedings – has filed a handrail. On this basis, the Lille prosecutor’s office opened an investigation on suspicion of “spousal violence” against the deputy.

This approach is part of “a proactive criminal policy for the treatment of domestic violence” implemented “for many years,” insisted the Lille prosecutor’s office. His policy on domestic violence provides that “in the event of the interposition of a handrail and when the facts seem to warrant it,” the police services must contact him “to receive instructions.”

In a press release, his lawyer considered that a “handrail, unlike a complaint, demonstrates the unwillingness to initiate a process on the part of the person who files it.” “Je ne peux que souhaiter, à l’avenir, que toutes les mains courantes déposées dans all les commissariats de France rassent l’objet d’une telle écoute, et d’un tel traitement, et avec une telle célérité,” he concluded. she.

Author: by Glenn Gillette
Source: BFM TV

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