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In EELV, pressure increases against Julien Bayou, accused of “moral violence” against his ex-girlfriend

Several members of the board of directors of Europe-Écologie-Les-Verts ask the deputy to leave his position as general secretary of the party. But Julien Bayou, who has withdrawn from the group he co-chairs in the National Assembly, refuses.

Can Julien Bayou hold out? Targeted by a report to the investigation unit against sexist and sexual violence of Europe-Écologie-Les-Verts, two members of the party’s executive office asked him to step aside from the leadership of the movement. The deputy has refused so far, according to information from the Parisianconfirmed by BFMTV.

“We asked the interest for the interest of environmentalists to withdraw temporarily. He did not answer us and turned a deaf ear”, Alain Coulombel, one of the executive members of the office, tells BFMTV.

“withdraw from self”

This Tuesday, this body that brings together the party’s leadership met to discuss in particular the situation of Julien Bayou. The day before, Sandrine Rousseau had made accusations on a television set of “behavior likely to undermine the moral health of women.”

The former primary finalist explained in particular that she had “received a long time ago” at her home a “very depressed” ex-girlfriend of the party’s national secretary. The deputy had also assured that there were “obviously several” women affected by these behaviors, evoking an “ongoing journalistic investigation.”

That same day, during the meeting of deputies in the National Assembly, the withdrawal of Julien Bayou from the co-chairmanship of the environmental group in the National Assembly was recorded. But part of the executive wanted to go much further by wanting his dismissal from the head of the movement.

“I reiterated (…) that he withdraw from the position of national secretary of the EELV, for political ecology, and so that he can ensure a serene defense outside of any pressure,” also explains Géraldine Boÿer, director of the party. communication delegate.

“The situation is getting worse every hour”

The arguments did not convince Julien Bayou, who would not have “answered”, before “moving on to something else”, reports the ecologist again.

However, Géraldine Boÿer had tried to convince internally, sending a message in a Whatsapp loop from the governing bodies.

“The situation is heavier every hour, especially in the face of feminist movements. I have asked for this withdrawal four times since the beginning of the case,” you can read there.

“The half withdrawal does not exist”

Others also point to the inconsistency of the situation, considering the withdrawal of the presidency of the group from the National Assembly as unsustainable while remaining number one in the party.

“The average withdrawal does not exist. Why would it withdraw from a certain place and not from another?” asks Henri Arévalo, president of the Federal Council of the EELV.

Pressure seems to be mounting in recent days on Julien Bayou, while Adrien Quatennens, also confused since he admitted to slapping his wife, has withdrawn from his post as coordinator of La France insoumise and from “his parliamentary work”.

“EELV continues with its investigative work”

in the columns of Figaro Last July, the elected Parisian assured that he would be questioned by the party’s internal commission “as soon as possible about what in no way constitutes sexist or sexual violence or inappropriate behavior towards anyone.”

“Unfortunately, this is a story that ends in pain, and a break that comes with thinly veiled threats against me and a form of instrumentalization that I can only deplore,” he still defended himself.

In a press release published on Tuesday, the EELV assured “to continue with its investigative work”, arguing that “when (the conclusions) were brought to its attention”, “the party” would follow the cell’s recommendations.

Author: Anthony Lebbos and Marie-Pierre Bourgeois
Source: BFM TV

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