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Marianne Fund: a report points out the “privileged treatment” granted to one of the associations

The general inspection of the administration notes “lack of vigilance” and “failures” by Christian Gravel in assigning a subsidy to one of the Marianne fund associations. This close friend of Manuel Valls resigned on Tuesday night.

damning conclusions. Implicated by his management of the Marianne fund, the general secretary of the Interministerial Committee for the Prevention of Crime and Radicalization (CIPDR) resigned after the publication of the report of the General Inspectorate of Administration.

This fund launched by Marlène Schiappa after the death of Samuel Patty was intended to “finance people and associations that will make speeches to promote the values ​​of the Republic and fight against separatist speeches” being piloted by the CIPDR.

“Lack of vigilance” and “failures”

Problem: the reality of the work carried out by certain associations, includingUSOPPM who benefited from 355,000 euros, ask.

“The General Secretariat” directed by Christian Gravel has given this organization “privileged treatment”, can be read in this report commissioned by the Secretary of State for Citizenship Sonia Backès.

The general inspection continues to point out a “lack of vigilance” and “failures”. The sum paid to the USEPPM would only have fueled a website and posts with little social media following.

The association’s project considered “unrealistic”

Questioned by senators as part of a commission of inquiry, Christian Gravel defended himself at length. He assured that “qualitatively, the balance (of the USEPPM) was positive”, citing that this association has produced “500 posts, tweets, threads and videos” defending the values ​​of the Republic on social networks.

The reality of this work obviously did not convince.

“The volume and quality of publications on social networks and the Internet are lower than the expected production,” says the administrative report.

The blur around the project selection committee

As soon as the project was selected, an administrative agent expressed his reservations about the association’s project, which he described as “unrealistic” and the subsidy request “excessive”.

Result: the association only produced 8 articles on its website. In “despite repeated requests”, the president of the association continues “unable to attest to his activity on the content of the project”, laments the report. However, he collected 51,344 euros from June 2021 to May 2022 thanks to the state subsidy.

Another big stone in Christian Gravel’s shoe: the call for projects to which the USPPM applied was “neither transparent nor fair”.

The officials in charge of the report thus did not find “any dated and signed document of the date and the precise composition of the selection committee.” The result of the call for projects was “biased”, further argue the officials who sign this report.

“An Unknown Association”

Marlène Schiappa’s chief of staff had also asked the prefect to “inquire about this unknown association” of the state services.

It did not respect “neither its legal obligations nor its regulatory obligations”, emphasize the officials in charge of this administrative investigation.

Schiappa auditioned for the senators

The report recommends asking the association for “the return of almost half of the subsidy paid” and denounces in its conclusions “a serious deficiency” in “due diligence” capable of acquiring both “the character of a criminal offense” and “a disciplinary offense” . ”.

The report does not forgive Marlène Schiappa either. If “all the testimonies collected indicate that the minister has withdrawn from the process”, once the official launch of the call for projects was over, the minister “would have come to greet” one of the members of the USEPPM twice during the debates about the grant application.

“NONE of the winners of the Marianne fund is a friend of mine, or a relative of mine, or what do I know. They denied it themselves!”, however, the minister had defended on her Twitter account, before reaffirming it on our antenna.

Marlène Schiappa will be heard by the Senate investigation commission on June 13.

Author: Marie Pierre Bourgeois
Source: BFM TV

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