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Instagram refuses to restore Booba’s account, despite a court decision

Accused of cyberbullying, the rapper saw his Instagram account disappear earlier this summer. A court decision ruled this removal illegal on Monday.

For Booba, the joy was short-lived. After his attorney Patrick Klugman announced a court decision on Oct. 3 making it illegal to delete his Instagram account, the platform told Tech & Co it would not restore it.

“The court has no […] not instruct Meta to reactivate this account. The OKLM account (Booba’s account name, editor’s note) has been deactivated in application of our recidivism policy and because the content of the OKLM account had repeatedly violated the rules of the Instagram service”, the platform assures Tech&Co, denying in passing that this deactivation could have followed a complaint by of Magali. Berdah, who accuses the rapper of cyberbullying.

Towards lawsuits against Instagram?

On July 12, the latter had shared a first court decision requiring Instagram to deactivate Booba’s account, which Instagram had taken offline a few hours later. A cause and effect relationship that the social network, therefore, does not want to recognize. It is also this decision that was challenged by the artist’s lawyers, and that was declared illegal on October 3.

For the lawyer, who questions the interpretation of Instagram, the sentence of this October 3 implied a reactivation of the Booba account by the platform.

According to the ruling, consulted by Tech&Co, the artist is effectively asked to “guarantee the lawful operation of the OKLM account thus restored.” An item that confirms the will of justice for Booba’s account to be back online.

Still at Tech & Co, Patrick Klugman announces that he will initiate proceedings against Meta, Instagram’s parent company, if Booba’s account is not reinstated.

Author: Raphael Grably
Source: BFM TV

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