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Social networks: the government wants to create “a digital citizen reserve” to report illegal content

The digital minister proposes expanding the number of “trusted alerters” who can warn TikTok, Twitter or Instagram of the spread of prohibited content, such as calls for violence.

On the eve of the National Assembly’s examination of the bill aimed at guaranteeing the digital space, the Minister of Digital, Jean-Noël Barrot, returns to some key measures of the text, starting with the ban on social networks, the filter anti-scams, or even age control on pornographic sites. But after the unrest that followed Nahel’s death this summer and calls for violence spread online, the government wants to strengthen the text.

Priority reports

At the moment, the text already provides for an additional penalty of banning from social networks – potentially difficult to apply – except for Internet users who have been found guilty of online harassment.

Referring to the DSA, a European regulation applied since August 25, Jean-Noël Barrot believes that the members of this “citizen reserve” could thus become “flags of trust.”

A status that would allow these journalists to contact the platforms as a priority to eliminate content and, possibly, identify an Internet user who has committed a crime.

Author: Rafael Grably
Source: BFM TV

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