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Elon Musk ordered by Israeli Prime Minister to better fight anti-Semitism on Twitter

Questioned by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Elon Musk said he was “against anything that promotes hatred and conflict.” However, according to various analyses, hate messages, especially anti-Semitic, have increased since he took office.

A half-sentence. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu encouraged Elon Musk to better combat anti-Semitism on his Twitter social network (recently renamed X) during a conference in California on September 18.

While traveling in the United States, the Israeli leader asked the head of Tesla and SpaceX to better moderate anti-Semitic messages, which have increased in number since Elon Musk’s purchase of the platform, according to multiple reports. All this while seeking a balance with the “freedom of expression” so valued by the billionaire.

“I hope that they will find, within the limits of the First Amendment, the ability to prevent not only anti-Semitism (…), but all collective hatred,” declared Benjamin Netanyahu. “I encourage you to do it and I highly recommend you find a balance.”

Elon Musk quickly responded: “I am against everything that promotes hatred and conflict, attacking any group (…), so obviously I am against anti-Semitism.” But the businessman still wanted to point out that “freedom of expression implies that, sometimes, someone says something you don’t like.”

Elon Musk at the center of several controversies

The Israeli Prime Minister replied that “this does not prevent him, as he has done, (…) from condemning anti-Semitism in all its forms.” And insist on the fight against alleged “bot armies” to prevent the spread of these messages.

Most of the discussion, in a friendly tone, focused on “opportunities and […] the risks of artificial intelligence”, as Benjamin Netanyahu explains in his tweet. But this exchange about anti-Semitism was also an opportunity for Elon Musk to forget about recent controversies.

The owner of The Association published a report highlighting that many accounts banned on Twitter under the previous leadership, then re-authorized by Elon Musk, had since posted thousands of anti-Semitic messages.

Author: Luc Chagnon
Source: BFM TV

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