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Women drivers accuse Facebook of not displaying jobs fairly

A group of female drivers accuses Facebook and its algorithms of biasing the appearance of job offers and directing them towards male profiles. The group filed a complaint on December 1.

Facebook allegedly illegally targeted dozens of truck driver company job postings to a single profile type: men. Real Women in Trucking, an American collective of women drivers, filed a complaint against the American giant on December 1 with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The Real Women in Trucking complaint includes more than 80 ads from the public files of the social network. Among them, an employer seeking truckers in North Carolina reached a Facebook audience of 5% women and 11% 55 and older. The rest are, therefore, men under 55 years of age.

The indictment also cites three ads in which Facebook allows advertisers to target audiences by age, an option the platform promised to block for job ads in 2019.

“Meanwhile, women receive a disproportionate share of advertisements for lower-paying jobs in social services, food services, education and health care, especially administrative positions that are historically considered jobs for women,” Real Women in Trucking said at the complaint.

Facebook investigates the complaint

“Facebook is one of the go-to resources for these opportunities, the consequences of this type of discrimination are immense,” Mitra Ebadolahi, senior project manager at Upturn, an advocacy group representing Real Women in Trucking, told Reuters in Trucking. . complain.

Also, in June, Facebook planned to introduce a system into its algorithms to ensure that housing and job ads reach age- and gender-diverse audiences. The social network said it was investigating the collective’s complaint and that a new system is being tested.

Author: margaux vulliet
Source: BFM TV

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