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Could we communicate with aliens? A large-scale test is in progress

The Seti organization has launched a large-scale test to work on the process of receiving, decoding and interpreting future messages sent by extraterrestrials.

“Hello Earth, aliens here.” What if we could communicate with aliens? In any case, this is what Seti, a non-profit organization that works in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, has imagined, CNN reports Thursday. Seti worked on the process of decoding and interpreting future intelligent signals from space, through a life-size test.

To do this, a message, called “A sign in space” (in French, a signal in space) and created by the artist Daniela de Paulis, was sent on May 24 by the ExoMarsTrace Gas Orbiter, which is currently in orbit. around mars. to study its atmosphere. This message was picked up by the Allen Telescope Network in Northern California, the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, and the Medicina Radio Astronomical Station in Italy.

Thanks to this, the raw data containing the message was disseminated on the Internet, giving everyone the chance to decode it and interpret its meaning.

a laborious process

If decoding requires advanced technical skills to isolate the message from stray noise, interpretation is, on the contrary, accessible to everyone.

“It’s the most exciting part,” says Daniela de Paulis.

This collaborative work is still ongoing, so information about the content of the message has not yet been revealed.

The objective of this test is to have a better vision of the process to carry out to identify, receive, decipher and interpret an extraterrestrial signal. Laborious work, according to Wael Farah, a radio astronomer and data analyst at the Seti Institute.

Author: Chloe Benoist
Source: BFM TV

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