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Lenovo Announces Its Business-Focused Mixed Reality Headset

Lenovo will release, in July, the ThinkReality VRX, a mixed reality headset only intended for companies that want to develop the skills of their employees.

Apple and Meta aren’t the only manufacturers jumping into the virtual and mixed reality headset race. While the two electronics giants have unveiled their respective models, Lenovo is preparing to enter the dance by marketing its own model starting in July: the ThinkReality VRX.

“This headset is only intended for businesses and industrialists,” Julien Levy, AR/VR Solutions Manager, Lenovo EMEA, was immediately underlined as a Tech&Co guest on June 6. It comes to the market with an entire ecosystem of solutions, turnkey software for companies, whether for training, remote assistance or collaboration between employees”.

A helmet to develop skills

Like the Vision Pro headset developed by Apple, the ThinkReality VRX is a mixed reality headset: it offers augmented reality, with which it is possible to see the environment outside the mask, thanks to its two HD color cameras, while the information overlapping fleet. helmet screen. Otherwise, it is also possible to opt for full virtual reality.

According to Julien Levy, the companies likely to seize this product are entities that wish to advance certain tasks. “Anything that is training or collaboration between employees. It can be automotive industry or education. For example, teachers will start teaching in virtual reality.” […] We can also help employees perform actions on industrial assembly lines. There are different kinds of skills that you can train on these helmets.”

Regarding Apple’s Vision Pro headset announced on June 5, Julien Levy believes that while it’s a competitor, its launch sends a good signal for the VR industry. “It’s very beneficial that a major player like Apple can democratize this technology and target a broad audience. It’s very beneficial.” The ThinkReality VRX will be marketed from 1990 euros.

Author: luis mbembe
Source: BFM TV

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