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Mockapp Studio, a no-code solution for building apps

The app is intended for those who need to create an app, but don’t have basic computer code.

“A solution that allows you to go from design to a mobile application without any technicalities”, specifies Sofiane Fertah, co-founder and president of Mockapp Studio, a guest on the Tech&Co set on Wednesday, June 7.

For example, if a user wants to create an app for their restaurant, they will need to set the interface layout. Then Mockapp Studio takes over: “We took this design that we transformed into an application that can be installed on iOS and Android.” And all this “in less than a minute.”

A freemium formula

Creating an app can get expensive quickly: between 15,000 and 150,000 euros depending on its complexity. This solution is aimed in particular at start-ups, but not only.

Mockapp comes in a freemium formula. “You can create your app for free, but to get advanced features, we have a subscription system that costs a few tens of euros per month.”

Sam Altman, the head of ChatGPT, recently did demos where he drew a site on a piece of paper, took a photo, and the AI ​​calmly created the site or app. A technological feat that Mockapp Studio is inspired by: “We are in this movement there.”

Is ChatGPT a competitor for this solution? To this Sofiane Fertah responds: “The challenge is there. When we offer simplicity in the creation, we eliminate all the technical part, but this dependency is not a substitute for advice.

Author: margaux vulliet
Source: BFM TV

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