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Summit. 27 promise to “mobilize all instruments” to “defend European interests”

European leaders meet this Friday in Prague, Czech Republic, in an informal summit that will serve as a prelude to the great meeting that is scheduled for two weeks.

Rising energy prices will be a central theme in the debate, with leaders advocating for measures that can ease the burdens on families given the new reality.

Once again, condemnations of Russia’s actions in Ukraine will be heard. The 27 must condemn this Friday the annexation of the four Ukrainian regions by Russia, reiterate their support for Ukraine and demand the immediate, complete and unconditional withdrawal of Kremlin troops from the occupied territories.

In terms of energy, European leaders will debate the rise in prices and the impact on the cost of living for families, expressing the determination to move forward with a “well-coordinated” response with a view to “reducing the demand” for energy, as well as such as “guaranteeing security of supply”, according to a working document consulted by the TSF.

In a letter sent to European leaders before the summit, the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, admits that “more demanding measures to save gas” may be prepared, and also that there will be “binding agreements” for the joint sharing of gas among European countries.

In the letter, Ursula von der Leyen promises the European Commission’s willingness to work with the Member States, “taking into account national differences in the energy market.”

At this Friday’s summit, European leaders will generally support the initiatives already taken in recent months to deal with the energy crisis. The debate will be a preparatory step for the formal meeting scheduled for October 20 and 21.

The head of the Portuguese Government, António Costa, will defend the reprogramming of unused funds in the context of the pandemic crisis, so that they can be used for measures that help companies cope with inflation and rising prices of energy.

In the final declaration, the 27 should point out as “main concern” the “fight against high prices for families and companies”, defending support for “growth and employment”, the protection of the “single market” and the “most vulnerable”.

The 27 are expected to reaffirm their unity commitment to face the crisis in a “coordinated manner”, promising to “mobilize all available instruments” to defend the interests of the European Union.

On the explosions in the Baltic gas pipelines, the Member States must agree to strengthen cooperation for the protection of European critical infrastructure, in addition to expressing their “strong condemnation”.

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Source: TSF

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