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Donald Trump says Joe Biden needs to take a cognitive test

The former US president, candidate for re-election, believes that “perhaps” with a cognitive test “we will be able to see why Joe Biden makes such terrible decisions.”

Former Republican President Donald Trump, on track to face Joe Biden in the November election, asked his Democratic rival on Thursday to take a cognitive test, claiming to have “excelled” in this type of exam.

“You must pass a cognitive test,” the 77-year-old former businessman wrote about the American president, four years his senior.

“Maybe with this we can see why he makes such terrible decisions,” he criticized on his Social Truth network.

Joe Biden underwent his annual health exam on Wednesday, during which he was declared “fit” to be president. The White House said a cognitive test was not considered necessary, according to his doctor.

The health status of the Democratic president, under scrutiny

The president responded to his rival’s attacks on X on Wednesday by posting a video of the Republican making a series of gaffes during recent speeches.

“Donald, man. Watch the video again,” he said.

The form of the two candidates, who will be the oldest duo to face each other in a US presidential election, is being closely examined during this campaign. Every strange mistake, fall, moment of confusion on one person’s part is immediately destroyed by the other’s side.

Should we be worried about Joe Biden’s mental health?


A cognitive test for Trump in 2020

Donald Trump reported in 2020 having taken a cognitive test that included, among other things, a memory test, a sequence widely ridiculed on social media.

“They tell you to repeat words: person, woman, man, camera, TV. I said yes, it’s person, woman, man, camera, TV,” he said.

Author: HG with AFP
Source: BFM TV

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