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War in Ukraine: video shows how Wagner Group recruits soldiers from Russian prisons

In these images we can see the leader of the group of Russian mercenaries offering the detainees to join his troops, in exchange for their freedom.

The video went viral on social media. We see a man in the middle of a prison yard, addressing the prisoners, offering to join the ranks of the Russian army.

“The first sin is desertion. Nobody gives up. No one backs down, no one gives up, ”she hears herself. “During training, you will be told about two grenades that you must have with you in case of surrender.”

This man would be Yevgueni Prigojine, the leader of the Wagner group of Russian mercenaries. This video introduces and explains that men between the ages of 22 and 50 can choose in five minutes to join the ranks of the army for six months, in exchange for their freedom.

Other detainees already recruited in June

In the images, broadcast by the Telegram network on Wednesday, September 14, he is heard explaining that 40 former detainees, who came from Saint Petersburg, have already joined his troops and fought in the Donietsk region in June.

But he warns: “We take special care of people convicted of drug trafficking, especially if they have an addiction. If we have any doubts, we reserve the right to subject you to a lie detector to determine if you are stable,” he explains. .

“We are also very careful with those serving time for sexual abuse. Even if mistakes can be made.”

A recruitment method known to Wagner’s group, but which until now had not been documented by such explicit images.

“They need new men on the front lines.”

According to observers, this video above all demonstrates the Russian army’s difficulties in recruiting, at a time when troops in Kyiv continue to regain ground.

“We attribute this video, perhaps, to this impossibility of general mobilization in Russia,” estimates Paul Gogo, a journalist correspondent in Moscow, on BFMTV. “Russia is once again using devious means, this time using this private military company, which is illegal in Russia. The Kremlin has never acknowledged its connection to this military company.”

For Paul Gogo, “Russia apparently needs new men at the front.” He also specifies that here, Wagner’s mercenaries do not seem to be seeking to recruit war professionals but “men on the ground to go and hold the front line” in the face of the rapidly advancing Ukraine. A thesis confirmed on BFMTV by General Jérôme Pellistrandi:

“We are looking for the basic infantryman, and so we should not be surprised that there are these mass graves and these massacres by Russian forces,” he estimates, in particular in reference to the macabre find in the liberated city of Izioum.

Several penal colonies would be concerned about this type of practice in Russia. However, earlier in the week, the Kremlin said it was not recruiting soldiers in prison.

Author: louis augry
Source: BFM TV

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