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Russian Orthodox Church leader urges people to ‘perform military duty’ in Ukraine

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church, Patriarch Kirill of Moscow, called on Russians to “do their military duty” and fight “bravely” in the war in Ukraine.

According to the patriarch, those who die for the homeland “will enter the kingdom of God”, in the same way that they guarantee their own “glory and eternal life”, quotes the Italian news agency ANSA.

“It is the fear of death that pushes a warrior to the battlefield, that pushes the weak to commit treachery and pits one brother against another,” said the religious leader, stating that a person only becomes invincible when he is no longer afraid of dying.

According to the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, “faith makes a person very strong, because it transfers the concerns of daily life, from material concerns to concern for the soul and eternity” and considers that “true faith destroys the fear of death”. .

On Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin decreed partial mobilization in the country, calling up 300,000 soldiers in reserve for the war in Ukraine.

The patriarch of Moscow is one of the main allies of Vladimir Putin and has always been in favor of the war. A week after the Russian invasion of Ukraine began, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church claimed that the country had entered “a struggle that is not only physical, but has a metaphysical meaning.”

Source: TSF

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