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Fuel prices: sharp rise in diesel and gasoline at their highest level of the year

Fuel prices continue to rise. Last week, diesel increased by more than 4 cents to almost 1.93 euros per liter. The increase is more limited for 95-E10 unleaded fuel, which nevertheless reached its highest level of the year.

Although the government has just announced the possibility of distributors selling their fuel at a loss, prices at the pump continue to rise. Diesel was quoted last week at an average of 1.9294 euros per liter in France, an increase of 4.8 cents, according to the statement from the Ministry of Ecological Transition, whose prices were set as of Friday, September 15.

The highest of the year for the SP95-E10

As for gasoline, 95-E10 unleaded gasoline was sold on average at 1.9397 euros per liter, with an increase of 0.4 cents compared to the previous week.

The most consumed gasoline in France thus reached its highest level of the year, according to this government statement, exceeding the 1.9458 euros per liter recorded on April 14.

On the diesel side, we are getting very close: we have to go back to January 27 to find this fuel at a higher price, which at that time cost an average of 1.9432 euros per liter.

A barrel above 93 dollars

This increase in fuel prices is mainly due to high crude oil prices. Last week, a barrel of North Sea Brent rose another $2.2, surpassing $93.

With fuel prices approaching 2 euros per liter in France, it remains to be seen whether the maximum limit of 1.99 euros per liter practiced at Totalenergies stations will limit the increase in the coming weeks. And, therefore, now also this possibility of selling at a loss for distributors, although the effects of this measure should be limited, which also cannot be applied before the vote on the law scheduled for the month of November.

Author: Julien Bonnet
Source: BFM TV

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