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Power increase: SNCF has not yet made a decision on the increase in ticket prices

According to Le Parisien, the operator would have imagined two scenarios of price increases to compensate for the future explosion of its electricity bill.

Towards a rise in the prices of SNCF tickets next year due to the constant rise electricity prices? This possibility has never been ruled out by the operator. This summer, Jean-Pierre Farandou, chief executive of SNCF, said: “We haven’t decided yet, but we may have to reflect on ticket prices. […] We may have to raise prices in 2023.”

and according to the parisianthe SNCF has already imagined two scenarios of increases: “a uniform increase in all Intercités and TGV tickets or a so-called “differentiated” increase, depending on the profile of the customer and/or the line. It would act, for example, to address the business customers with an increase in the price of tickets during the week or, more generally, to increase those of the busiest lines.*

First industrial consumer of electricity

And to continue: “We will be able to address this issue when we see more clearly our economic prospects for 2023, in particular energy prices and inflation. But it is not a current issue, it is too early to work on scenarios.”

Remember that the operator is the main industrial consumer of electricity in France with 10% of the total (and 1 to 2% of the total electricity consumption). As in the air, the SNCF buys its energy in advance, what is called “the cover”.

“95% of our energy in 2022 is purchased, we buy our electricity two or three years in advance,” explained Christophe Fanichet, head of SNCF Voyageurs.

But “next year we are less covered by these advance purchases, so there will be an increase in the energy bill, around 1,000 million euros,” adds the manager.

Although SNCF customers believe that ticket prices are already rising (this what disputes the operator who speaks on the contrary of a drop since 2019), this probable increase risks going bad…

Remember that, at the same time, the operator intends to expand its energy saving strategy to reduce the impact of rising electricity prices.

Author: Olivier Chicheportiche
Source: BFM TV

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