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Avatar’s James Cameron reacts to people calling the franchise “predictable” prior to the sequel’s release

The last time we visited the world of Pandora was in 2009 with the science fiction fantasy epic Avatar. Now that we are approaching the December release date Avatar 2 , the pressure is for Avatar director James Cameron . Prior to the sequel’s release, James Cameron returned fire by calling his Oscar nominee’s candor “predictable.”

It is true that James Cameron had done this in the past cause claiming to have stolen the idea of Avatar with original materials Pocahontas This is Dancing with the wolves. According to an interview with IGN there is no way that fans can call Avatar: The way of water “predictable.”

I guarantee you will not be able to predict it. The thing people hate the most is going to the movies and saying “oh … predictable”. It’s not predictable, I don’t think. I challenge anyone to predict where this story is going.

While it is true that Avatar gave the audience a familiar storyline that follows a man who ventures into an unknown world and falls in love with one of its citizens no one could have imagined what Pandora would have been like. Not to mention, no one could have imagined how realistic the motion capture effects of James Cameron’s pioneers were. Avatar it would seem.

Another major reason the public shouldn’t be worried Avatar: The way of water to be predictable is to think of James Cameron’s trajectory with the sequels. A part of best cameron movies were the result of the Terminator Yes Extraterrestrial. The Oscar-winning director always goes further with his creativity and innovative technological methods.

The audience toured the world of Pandora while the Neytiri was on the ground and flying through the air. But there is an unpredictable twist that the sequel offers part of the film takes place underwater! It was a grueling task for Avatar actor Sam Worthington to do underwater motion capture and continue your character’s emotional journey without worrying about danger.

The only predictable element that came to my mind Avatar: The way of water I was the long duration of the film about three hours. It shouldn’t be too shocking since the original film ran for two hours and 41 minutes, which is close to the length of the sequel. And as the Canadian director said, if you can watch a show all day, you can sit for three hours watching what I think is a masterpiece.

If there is anything predictable about the reactions of the spectators avatar: The way of water, is that they already think negatively about a film before it even comes out. While viewers get nervous because they had to wait more than a decade for the Avatar Then, it is worth remembering that good things come to those who wait. I am confident James Cameron will make the wait worthwhile and offer audiences a visionary experience they will never forget.

We will have to wait and see if the film is predictable or not when Avatar: The way of water will be released in theaters on December 16, at the end of the 2022 film calendar.

Source: Cinemablend

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