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Big Brother Spoiler: Who Won the HOH Part 1 Finals and What It Means for Part 2

Attention! The following contains spoilers for the Older brother Live broadcast of season 24 starting Friday 23 September. Read at your own risk!

We have officially reached the last days of Older brother Season 24, and what a season it has been so far. After some wild twists (e also throw up ), there are three Houseguests left and will compete in the next few days to try and finally win the $ 750,000 first place prize. It all starts with the latest Family Boss Part 1, which gives the winner a huge boost to win everything on the last night.

Fans who watch the shows with a Paramount + subscription have seen many victories, expulsions and more plays beyond the CBS shows and we can now confirm the winner of Part 1. So let’s see who won the HOH and what it will mean moving forward in Part 2.

Turner with a sad face

Turner won the final match of HOH 1

Matt Turner’s streak of winning streak continues and he got a big boost by taking Game 1 of the HOH Finals. As always, the winner of the first part has time to relax as the two remaining guests face off in the second competition. He will rest and prepare for Game 3 and will likely weigh up his options as to who will be best to make it to the finals if he ends up winning Game 3.

Taylor Hale with a visor on her face

What does this mean for Final HOH Part 2

Because Turner is free to relax until Part 3, which means Monte Taylor and Taylor Hale will face off in Part 2. Suffice it to say that this could create some serious drama between them, especially after the infamous “headphones”. abruptly ended his show . It is still unclear if there will be feelings of love to follow after the show ends, but for now it looks like they are keeping the peace.

As for who has the upper hand in the next match between Taylor and Monte, it honestly looks like a draw. They both have a solid track record in terms of competitive wins, and I would personally add that both have had surprisingly poor performances this season that I expected them to dominate. This is true across the board for physical, mental, and skill-based challenges, so it will be interesting to see if it continues.

One thing I believe in, however, is that Taylor will at least have to win this competition if he has any hope of winning. Older brother. When it comes to competitive accolades in the game, Turner and Monte are tied. The only X factor in these Final Three is that none of them have dealt with the level of adversity in the game that Taylor has, which could help the jury a lot (assuming they haven’t entered yet). habit of harassing her ). I’m not sure Monte or Turner would want to risk taking Taylor to Final Two, and let the jury decide between the two of them who is the most worthy winner of Season 24. He could be completely out of character. , so I’ll see how the last few days are going and what they say in the meantime.

Older brother has a special episode on CBS (opens in a new tab) Friday, September 23 at 8 p.m. ET and its finale will air on Sunday, September 25 at 8 p.m. ET. The ending should be great, especially if Jasmine Davis have other foods can be compared to Julie Chen Moonves. We hope she lives up to the hype of this exciting season!

Source: Cinemablend

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