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Presidential 2027: Jordan Bardella “obviously” will be behind Marine Le Pen “if she decides to be a candidate”

After Marine Le Pen presented herself as “the natural candidate” of the RN for the next presidential elections, the head of the torch party assures her of his support.

Jordan Bardella assures him: he will not be “Marine Le Pen’s Emmanuel Macron.” A way for the president of the National Rally to indicate this Tuesday on Europe 1 that he will not pull the rug out from under the leader of the far-right party before the 2027 presidential elections, even if her popularity increases.

Nothing to do with a certain former Minister of Economy who launched the race for the Elysée in 2016, distancing himself from François Hollande.

“Whoever thinks they can oppose us with Marine Le Pen has not been born,” insists Jordan Bardella, who recently announced that he would represent his side for the second consecutive time in the European elections. The 28-year-old knows the procedure. He was already asked the question when he ran for the presidency of the Flame Party.

“Natural candidate”

A year later, the MEP continues to give the same answer, highlighting the solidity of his collaboration with the current head of deputies of the RN. “We have a very strong relationship,” he said, stressing in passing that the three-time presidential candidate has “given him a lot.”

“I know what I owe him,” says Jordan Bardella, before assuring:

“If she decides to run for president […] Obviously I will be one of his first followers and maybe even the first.”

However, the day before, Marine Le Pen took the trouble to clarify the roles during an interview on TF1. On this occasion, the elected far-right official presented herself as the “natural candidate” for her side. Could she pass her turn for the benefit of her colt? “A priori not, for the moment, as long as I have not decided otherwise,” responded the Pas-de-Calais deputy.

For the moment, Marine Le Pen appears as the figurehead of the RN in the polls. According to Elabe’s report for BFMTV last week, she is the best candidate for 2027 in the eyes of 59% of RN voters and is well ahead of Jordan Bardella (31%).

Author: baptista farge
Source: BFM TV

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