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IL available to ensure stability in Madeira

The chairman of the Liberal Initiative (IL), Rui Rocha, assured that “it will not be because of the Liberal initiative that Madeira will not have government stability”, showing that the party is available to sit at the negotiating table and “shape the future” .

“If there is a party that has very clear ideas, it is the Liberal Initiative,” Rui Rocha emphasized, assuming that the first promise is to the electorate and that it will therefore not give up “the principles” if it takes office . down to discuss a solution for Madeira.

When asked if he is available to take on a government solution, Rui Rocha only said that IL is available “to talk” as he first “needs to know what proposals” will be presented to him.

“Our coalition stands with the people of Madeira and will continue to do so, but we also do not reject the role of the adult in the room. We refuse to talk to anyone and our doors will always be open to them.the head of the Liberal Initiative List, Nuno Morna, said in a speech at the party’s campaign headquarters in Funchal, while ruling out joining the regional government.

“We will not be part of a regional executive,” Nuno Morna clarified in response to journalists, without closing the door to support for “everything related to the highest interest of Madeirans (…) step by step, measuring by measure, budget by budget”.

The Liberal Initiative has elected a deputy to Madeira’s parliament.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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