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Ventura says Albuquerque should resign “immediately.”

Chega President André Ventura announced on Sunday that his party is “not available” for agreements and understandings with Miguel Albuquerque, arguing that the PSD/Madeira leader should resign with “immediate effect”.

“I want to make it clear, face to face, after a conversation I had a few minutes ago with the new parliamentary leader of Chega da Madeira, Miguel Castro, that Chega is not available to make any agreement, coalition or understanding with Miguel Albuquerque.”André Ventura said in a statement to journalists at Chega’s national headquarters in Lisbon.

After the results of the parliamentary elections in the autonomous region were known, where the PSD/CDS coalition failed to obtain an absolute majority (24 deputies), Ventura defended that Miguel Albuquerque, in the name of “policy coherence, should immediately resign from his position as president of the regional government and leader of the PSD/Madeira.”

“In politics, words must have consequences,” he argued, recalling that the Social Democratic leader said he would refuse to govern and resign from the PSD/Madeira leadership if the coalition he led did not have an absolute majority would achieve.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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