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Duarte Cordeiro expresses his support for the candidacy of Pedro Nuno Santos for the PS leadership

Minister Duarte Cordeiro expressed his support on Monday for the candidacy of Pedro Nuno Santos for the position of Secretary General of the PS, emphasizing the importance of his party having charismatic leaders such as Mário Soares or António Costa.

Duarte Cordeiro, president of the Lisbon Urban Area Federation (FAUL) – the second largest of the Socialists after Porto – and who succeeded Pedro Nuno Santos in the leadership of JS, took this position in a post published on the social network Instagram .

“Anyone who knows me knows that I am thoughtful and that I hope the best for my party, but especially for my country. It was enough to know Pedro Nuno Santos through the years I knew him, and to recognize his strength. courage, charisma and conviction, to consider him the best leader for our collective future and for the difficult times we will face.”he insisted.

The current Minister of Environment and Climate Action, director of the PS campaign in the last parliamentary elections, stressed the importance of having a charismatic leader for his party in the March 10 parliamentary elections.

“For those who have doubts about the importance of strength and charisma, just think about the history of our party and the importance they had in leaders like Mário Soares or António Costa. The political times in which we live and will live require a dialogue with society and other political forces, without compromising our autonomy, our ideals, the capacity for inclusion and unity in the PS, the strength of convictions and the need for innovation .”he defended.

Duarte Cordeiro also wrote that Portugal needs an economic, industrial and green development project “that maintains the path of increasing the value of income and pensions and that normalizes and improves the functioning of the social state, rather than eliminating it”.

“Pedro Nuno Santos is the candidate best positioned to achieve all these objectives,” he added.

Former Socialist minister Alberto Martins and Isabel and João Soares, children of the founder and first leader of the PS, Mário Soares, have also expressed their support for the candidacy of Pedro Nuno Santos for the position of general secretary of the PS.

These three names were provided to the Lusa agency by the source of the candidacy of Pedro Nuno Santos for the leadership of the PS, whose direct internal elections are scheduled for December 15 and 16, and the Congress for the period between January 5 and 7 .

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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