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Costa will not accept position in EU “until investigation is clarified”

The general secretary of the PS, António Costa, reiterated this Monday in Germany that he has an “absolutely clear conscience” but that he is not available to “take up public positions”, even at European level, “until there is clarity ”. the research of which she is the subject.

Speaking to journalists at a ceremony celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Socialist Party, in the German city of Bad Münstereifel, where he is the party’s general secretary, António Costa, he was asked whether he would now be available are to take on a high position. position in the European Union, as is the wish of many European socialists, he confirmed, due to the fact that the role of Prime Minister, a position from which he resigned, is no longer an obstacle, that he is not in a position to to hold position. public office during the investigation into the Public Prosecution Service (MP) at the Supreme Court that led to his dismissal.

“Politics is not a career, it is a civic activity, carried out in the most diverse ways. What I said is that I am completely at peace with my conscience, without anything weighing on my conscience. I understand that the role I I have exercised as Prime Minister is not compatible with the existence of a judgment based on suspicion. And therefore, until this matter is clarified, I believe that I should not hold public office, because I believe that it is necessary to integrity of institutions, the prestige of institutions, the trust that every person places in institutions”he declared.

“Each person is governed by their own standards. These are mine”he completed.

About his succession and the future of the PS after his departure, the Secretary General explained what the party needs to do “is to focus on what are the problems of the Portuguese people and on the solution of the problems of the Portuguese people, in view of the elections [legislativas] 10th of March”.

“We have already scheduled elections for the election of a new Secretary General of the PS on the next 15th and 16th. [de dezembro]. We already have three candidates, two of which – José Luís Carneiro and Pedro Nuno Santos – I know well, I have worked with them, I have a lot of respect for them both. And the Socialists will choose who will continue the leadership of the PS.”he said, adding “then it is necessary to draw up a program and present it to the Portuguese”and the PS is fighting “for what is important, namely achieving an election victory for the PS on March 10.”

António Costa also said he wanted that “May the PS seize this moment to have a deep, lively and creative debate”including the “correction of errors that certainly existed”, and with the intention of “giving new energy to what was positive”.

“And this is the continuity that must be guaranteed, this dynamic in which everyone passes on their testimony to each other, from Mário Soares to me, and from me to whoever the Socialists choose on the 16th as leader of the Socialist Party.”he declared.

António Costa also rejected that the current political crisis in Portugal, and in particular in the PS, could in any way “affect” the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of April 25, which will take place next year.

“Nothing will eclipse the 50th anniversary of April 25. It is a unique date that fortunately unites the entire country”he claimed.

António Costa is in Germany between Monday and Tuesday to take part in the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the party, founded in the city of Bad Münstereifel, and whose leadership he is about to leave.

Costa, who resigned as Prime Minister on the 7th and also announced that he will not apply for the position again, after it was announced that he is the subject of an investigation by the Public Prosecution Service (MP) at the Supreme Court, is visiting Germany in one of his last appearances as secretary general of the PS, for a commemorative event held jointly with the German socialist party, the SPD.

Last Saturday, António Costa took part in a PS National Commission, which formally approved the holding of direct elections for the position of general secretary of the party on December 15 and 16, and a congress between January 5 and 7, 2024, convened after the resignation from Costa. and the scheduling of early parliamentary elections on March 10.

Three candidacies are already ready to succeed António Costa in the leadership of the PS: that of the former Deputy Secretary General and current Minister of the Interior, José Luís Carneiro, that of the Socialist deputy and former Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Pedro Nuno Santos, and that of director Daniel Adrião.

Author: DN/Lusa

Source: DN

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