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Attack in Annecy: Minister of Digital asks Twitter France to remove any shocking content

A few hours after the attack, illicit videos continue to be disseminated on the social network Twitter.

The attack with a knife, which occurred this morning in Annecy, caused the dissemination of videos of the tragedy on social networks, including Twitter, although it is prohibited. The Minister in charge of Digital, Jean-Noël Barrot, therefore calls on Twitter France to take responsibility for removing any illegal content.

“The government is in contact with the Twitter France teams to ensure the removal of any shocking images,” he wrote on Thursday.

report content

Also remember that it is possible to report this type of content on the dedicated Pharos platform. It allows any Internet user to report illegal content published on the Internet.

On Twitter’s side, its responsibility is compromised if the platform has not deleted previously reported illegal content.

In theory, according to the 2004 law, the platforms are obliged to keep the data that allows to identify the author of the illegal comments, and to respond to the requests of the judicial authorities. The platforms can be prosecuted for “failure to comply with their obligations” (one year in prison and a fine of 250,000 euros).

On Twitter, a user says that he reported one of the videos to the platform. He received a reply explaining that this content does not violate the rules.

On the part of the user, the dissemination of illegal content is subject to sanctions (5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros, according to thearticle 222-33-3 of the Penal Code).

Author: margaux vulliet
Source: BFM TV

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